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Wine Club

Wacky Otter Starter Club

Join the Family!

Anyone who's been to our farm knows we are a little bit "different" than most wineries. We wanted to have a wine club that reflects that, to reward our most loyal customers with the best deals on wine we could possibly offer!

That being said, this is our "Starter" club. This club puts you on the path to the biggest discounts we have ever offered! (ever!)

How it works:

  1. Join our Wacky Otter Starter Club today!

  2. After your 2nd Starter Club Release we will upgrade you to our Private "Wacky Otter Gold Club".

  3. The Gold Club is "almost" exactly the same as the Starter Club, no tricks!

  4. Except..... The Gold Club has HUGE discounts on additional wine Case purchases of 45-50%!! Mix and Match!

Our Starter Club has:

  • Six Bottle release four times per year

  • Wine maker's selections especially for you with option to swap wines!

  • Option to pick up at winery or ship

  • Discounts on Additional Purchases of wine

  • 10% discount on 6+ Bottle Purchases!

  • 15% discount on Case Purchases!

  • 5% off your stay at Elmo's Rest our vacation rental house (when booked direct with us)

  • Mix and Match

  • Free Automatic Upgrade to Gold Club after your first two releases. No Catch!

Wacky Otter Gold Club

Welcome to the Family! Come on in, sit down, stay awhile.... (and save a lot!)

The only way into this Private Wine Club is by first joining our Starter Club!

  • Six bottle release four times per year

  • Wine maker's selections especially for you with option to swap wines!

  • First access to our newest wine creations

  • Option to pick up at winery or ship

  • Crazy Discounts on Additional Purchases of wine

  • 35% discount on Online 6 Bottle Purchases!

  • 40% discount on 6 Bottle Purchases at the winery!

  • 45% discount on Online Case Purchases!

  • 50% discount on Case Purchases at the winery!

  • Mix and Match Wines

  • 15% off your stay at Elmo's Rest our vacation rental house (when booked direct with us)

  • Two Tickets to the Horse and Hound Wine Festival per year ($40 value)

  • Four Comp tastings at our tasting room per release. Bring your friends when you come pick up your release!

  • One lucky Gold Club member each year will win a FREE 3 night stay at Elmo's Rest (sleeps up to 12!)

  • (Bring your family and friends with you… or get away from them! It's up to you.)


I'll update these as I get asked more Questions!

1. How much does a release cost?

We looked into trying to do a "flat rate club" but it was far too complicated.

The price of each release is dependent on the cost of the wine in it, plus packing and shipping.


Example: 6 Bottles of regular price $15 wine = $90 + $12 Packing fee + Shipping (or pick up at winery for no shipping)

Shipping varies by location being shipped to, but the last Zip Code I checked was $18

Send me you Zip code and I'll send you a shipping estimate if you wish.

Total would be about $120 for the example release with shipping included.

2. How does wine swapping work?

We will send out an email about two weeks before each release, listing the wines and their costs. If you email us back you can swap out any and all of the wines for different wines of ours (as long as we have them in stock). So if you don't like a wine, or if that wine is more expensive than you would like, you can swap!

3. Where did the club name "Wacky Otter" come from?

We spent so much time working out the details on the club that we neglected to put much effort into the name!

So we came up with it on the spur of the moment.

We figured its whats inside that counts!

3. Ask us a question and we will get it answered on here asap! Thanks!!

Peaks of Otter Winery

The Fine Print

Well there had to be some...

Terms Of Service

  • Membership benefits are not transferable, and Member named on account must be present to receive discounts at the winery

  • Discounts can not be combined with any other discounts or sale prices

  • You will be notified of each releases wine selections by email and planned release date. If you wish swap wines you must let us know within 10 days of that email being sent so we can make the changes needed to your order.

  • Our Releases will not be exactly every third month. We will try to avoid the coldest and hottest months of the year to insure quality. But will still only be four shipments per year, and you will be notified ahead of a release.

  • Someone over age 21 must be available to sign for all shipped wine. This is required by law.

  • Please keep your "ship to" address up to date on Vinoshipper. If you are unavailable to sign for it at home, ship to your work address instead, shipping to a business address is sometimes less expensive than home delivery also.

  • Packaging/handling fee applies to both shipped and picked up wine.

  • Member is responsible for all UPS shipping costs, if your wine is not accepted due to an incorrect address or not having someone available to sign for it you will be responsible for the additional shipping costs incurred.

  • If you opt for pick up at the winery we will hold your wine for three months, and unless other arrangements are made with us it will be shipped after that time and you will be charged for shipping. We will try to be as flexible as possible in case you wish to pick up two releases at one time.

  • Only the Member on the account may pick up and sign for their wine when using pick up at winery.

  • We limit the total number of members allowed. When our clubs are full we will add you to our waiting list.

  • You may cancel at any time, If your credit card is repeatedly declined your membership will be canceled after 6 months.

  • We reserve the right to end the clubs or terminate your membership at anytime for any reason.


Any Questions Contact Us!

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